Time to transition to the non-custodial world. Even if it’s a bit harder.

2 min readDec 4, 2022


You’ve heard about all the recent news of custodial crypto exchanges going bankrupt and leaving users satoshiless…or penniless for our less crypto-savvy friends ;)

It’s time to stop using custodial exchanges — Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and the list goes on…

Here’s why you should ONLY use non-custodial wallets like RuufPay

Non-custodial wallets offer a higher level of security than custodial wallets because the user maintains control over their private keys. With a custodial wallet, the private keys are usually managed by a third party, which means that the user’s funds are at the mercy of that third party. If the third party is hacked or goes out of business, the user’s funds could be at risk.

Non-custodial wallets also offer more flexibility and control over the user’s funds. With a custodial wallet, the user is at the mercy of the third party when it comes to managing their funds. For example, the third party may place restrictions on how the user can access their funds or what they can do with them. With a non-custodial wallet, the user has complete control over their funds and can access and manage them as they see fit.

Finally, non-custodial wallets tend to be more decentralized than custodial wallets. Because the user maintains control over their private keys, the user has more control over the network and can participate in it in a more decentralized way. This is important for anyone who believes in the principles of decentralization and wants to support a more open and decentralized financial system. Overall, non-custodial wallets offer many benefits over custodial wallets, including improved security, flexibility, and control over the user’s funds.

RuufPay offers a non-custodial wallet that keeps you in charge of your digital assets. RuufPay has no access to user funds due it being a self-custody, or non-custodial product.

Users can easily store, swap, buy, send, receive and earn on their Polygon and Ethereum tokens.

Get it today for iOS and Android — https://linktr.ee/RuufPay




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