Superbowl LVI Commercials

So, I am sure you watched the highly anticipated Superbowl. But perhaps you were also lucky enough to catch a commercial of Larry David rejecting some of history’s greatest inventions. Or maybe you saw a commercial of Lebron James giving his ultra-realistic younger self some important advice. Or, maybe you even saw a floating QR code bouncing around the corners of your screen for a handful of seconds. You might have been sitting there wondering, “Coinbase? FTX? What are all of these companies I have never heard of before!”

The answer is simple, these companies are the future. The real answer, however, is that these are cryptocurrency exchange companies. Popular apps and websites that allow users to buy and sell the hot new commodity that is taking over the future of banking. Whether you want to invest, exchange or even pay with a cryptocurrency, these companies have you covered.

Over the past two years, the cryptocurrency industry has far exceeded everyone’s expectations. According to Pitchbook, a data and research company, a global venture capital firm’s total investments in cryptocurrency rose from $6.5 Billion in 2020 to almost $30 Billion in 2021. What started out as just an idea back in 2009 has now become the trendiest way for people to utilize their assets.

Despite the fact that even a 30 second commercial during the Superbowl can cost tens of millions of dollars, these top crypto companies made their pitch. It seemed as though they were also all working towards a greater goal: to raise awareness of cryptocurrency. The good news for them is that it worked. FX Empire reported that over 20 million people scanned the QR code that was bouncing around their televisions before Coinbase’s commercial was even over. It only helped that Coinbases commercial was also to debut that the company was offering large incentives and giveaways over the next five days. The Monday after the big game, crypto apps skyrocketed in downloads. According to, the Coinbase app jumped from 186th place on the app store to second.
Safe to say that the Los Angeles Rams weren’t the only winners of the Superbowl.



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