RuufPay Updates — Prevent transaction failures & what’s to come👾

2 min readSep 14, 2022

RuufPay is the first wallet designed for users to buy, swap, earn and pay rent with crypto💥

The following functionality is live in app. Most features are global and few only in North America:

  • Token swaps (Global)💸
  • Buying crypto by linking your bank account (North America)💸
  • Buying crypto with debit card (Global)💸
  • Buying crypto with Apple Pay (Global)💸
  • Send, store and receive crypto (Global)💸
  • Staking RUUF for 18.32% in rewards (Global)💸
  • Non-custodial wallet — YOUR private keys ONLY (Global)💸

Here are a few actions that will cause your debit card purchase to fail😵:

  • Not using Visa or Mastercard or card issued by a major financial institution🚫
  • If the name on your card does not match the name on your identity verification (KYC)🚫
  • If your card was issued in either New York or Texas (North America) even if your KYC information is elsewhere🚫

What’s to come �:

  • Ability to swap hundreds of Polygon tokens💪
  • Additional rental payment coverage💪
  • More blockchain support💪

We’re continually enhancing our functionality to give you the best crypto experience a user can ask for, especially as we narrow down on rent payments.

Thank you, cherished crypto lover, for giving us a chance to help make your experience in the world of digital assets, that much more enjoyable. 🙌

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Pay your rent in crypto with RuufPay. Now live for iOS and Android. is the first crypto wallet designed for real world payments.

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