RuufCoin $RUUF Web Staking Instructions🥩

2 min readMar 31, 2022


These instructions will guide you through the web staking process for the RuufPay staking protocol.

Relevant contract information:

Network: Polygon

RUUF Token contract Address: 0x182f1d39dF9460D7AEf29afBc80bBD68ED0A41d5

Block Explorer:

Link to RUUF on Sushiswap exchange:

Note: if RUUF doesn’t appear, make sure you are on the Polygon Network.

It’s all about the stake🥩

  1. Getting your wallet ready💳

There are a few prerequisites before you can begin earning rewards on your RuufCoin.

i) You’ll need to import the Polygon Mainnet to your wallet. We’re advocates of the Metamask wallet but the choice is yours — Full instructions here

ii) You’ll need to have RUUF in your wallet — Swap MATIC or bridged ETH for RUUF here

iii) You’ll need to import your custom token

iv) You’ll need to have a bit of Polygon MATIC or Ethereum bridged to the Polygon Network to cover network fees.

2. Connect Wallet🖇

Once you enter , click connect a wallet at the top right corner of the screen.

3. Choose your rewards🚀

Stake reward breakdown:

  • 3 month stake — 2%
  • 6 month stake — 6%
  • 9 month stake — 11%
  • 12 month stake — 18.32%

Select either 3, 6, 9 or 12 months to stake your tokens.

But bear in mind, if you pull out your tokens before your selected stake period is complete, you will NOT RECEIVE ADDITIONAL REWARDS BACK. You will only receive your initial token balance back.

For example — If you stake 100 RUUF at a 3 month stake and after a week you decide to unstake your tokens, you will receive 100 RUUF back, NOT 100 + 2%.

Now, you must enter the amount of RuufCoin you would like to deploy to the farm, then click “Stake”.

You may then need to confirm the transaction on your wallet before the transaction initiates.

You will then receive a message displaying how long you have left in your stake period before you can receive your full reward balance.

RuufPay is launching the Ruuf Wallet; the first non-custodial crypto wallet designed for real estate rental payments. If you have not already, be sure to sign up for the wallet launch here.

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