How RuufPay is Integrating Cryptocurrency into Real Estate

The U.S economy has been suffering due to the global pandemic, but surprisingly, the real estate market has been performing significantly well. Overall, the average housing market index increased by 11.11% from a year ago and projections for 2021 are even higher. Along with this market, the cryptocurrency industry has been making huge strides to become increasingly prevalent in the realm of real estate. Dare we go as far as to say that crypto can become a standard payment method for property in the future?

Cryptocurrency first emerged in 2009 when the creator Satoshi Nakamoto made Bitcoin and has been popular ever since. Now, digital currencies are talked about all around the world and are used in a person’s day-to-day life to pay for everyday items. Crypto is making real strides in real estate now and is being used as a form of payment for these said properties, making it easier and more convenient for the average American to use their digital asset as a payment method in this asset class. Blockchain startup RuufPay, will be using Home Coin as the primary payment method for the release of their mobile wallet. The RuufPay Mobile Wallet will provide a seamless user experience for tenants and landlords to pay and collect rent. Furthermore, users will be able to earn attractive staking rewards that can be applied directly towards rental payments.

Cryptocurrency as a rental payment method can be a game-changer due its quick settlement time, ease of use, and convenience. Unfortunately, crypto isn’t yet commonplace in the industry. This is where RuufPay is stepping in, making the common digital asset much more accessible as a means of payment. As crypto popularizes in the real estate industry, RuufPay will have emerged as the market leader in educating the market and making these transactions a norm.

Convenience is key in this day and age, and if a young entrepreneur wants to start their journey being financially free today, they could heavily benefit from RuufPay by conveniently sourcing tenants and having seamless transactions for rent compared to current payment methods that have been used for centuries. This would be a great opportunity for them to get their feet wet in the industry as early users because many entrepreneurs are already set in stone and it is very hard for smaller people to start. RuufPay could be a new opportunity for new up and comers and ultimately help them reach their future goals. Being early to this project could set them up for the future and help them reap the benefits of receiving payment with cryptocurrency, being able to stake their rent payments, ​​RuufPay Governance Tokens for community contributions, all while gaining an early experience in this market which will be the future.

We here at RuufPay believe this concept will bring extreme excitement to the space of real estate and fundamentally increase and expand the industry even more. Transforming it into a giant, something that we haven’t seen before making transactions between tenants and landlords seamless. And RuufPay will lend a hand to every user in every way possible.




Brining real estate and crypto together, one block at a time.

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Brining real estate and crypto together, one block at a time.

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